Everything You Need to Know about Supported Independent Living

Everything You Need to Know about Supported Independent Living

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Everything You Need to Know about Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

Everyone wishes to live an independent life of their choice; a life where they can decide where they work, how and where they live, the kind of activities they’d like to participate in, whom they want to spend time with, what food they want to eat, and so on. These are basic choices and every individual has the right to make these choices. However, with disabilities, making these choices becomes challenging and requires external support. In such situations, Supported Independent Living (SIL) comes to your rescue. 

Supported Independent Living is an empowering paid personal support platform for individuals with disabilities. It offers them the opportunity to lead more independent and fulfilling lives. SIL is part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and plays a pivotal role in providing tailored support to participants, enabling them to thrive in their chosen communities. 

Kangaroo Care is a reputed NDIS provider and we are experts in the intricacies of Supported Independent Living. Let’s explore the benefits, processes, and key considerations of SIL. Take a look: 

1. Understanding Supported Independent Living (SIL):

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a big step forward in how people with disabilities are cared for. It allows them to live more independently with personalized support. Unlike traditional models of care, SIL focuses on choice, control, and autonomy. It aims to empower participants to live life on their own terms. 

Under the NDIS, SIL is designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of participants, offering a range of accommodation options and support services tailored to individual circumstances. To be eligible for SIL, participants must meet certain criteria and undergo assessment and planning processes to determine their support needs and funding entitlements.

2. Benefits of Supported Independent Living:

Supported Independent Living fosters self-reliance and skill development and empowers individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations, such as further education, employment, or recreational activities. Its benefits extend far beyond mere accommodation and support services, emphasizing greater independence, community integration, and social inclusion. 

Participants have experienced the transformative impact of SIL on their lives, thriving in environments that nurture their strengths and capabilities.

3. Navigating the SIL Process:

Participants and families, who are unaware of the intricacies of NDIS and SIL, may find navigating the SIL process daunting. An NDIS service provider like Kangaroo Care provides the right support and guidance towards a journey of achieving greater independence and autonomy. 

From initial assessment and planning to finding suitable NDIS housing and support providers, participants are supported every step of the way by dedicated NDIS service providers. Support coordination plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition to SIL, ensuring that participants receive the necessary supports and services to thrive in their chosen living arrangements.

4. Choosing the Right SIL Provider:

Choosing the right SIL provider can significantly impact the quality of life and outcomes for participants. When selecting a SIL provider, consider factors such as staff qualifications, service quality, and compatibility with individual needs and preferences. Building a positive and collaborative relationship with the chosen provider is key to ensuring a seamless transition to SIL and ongoing support that meets the participant’s evolving needs.

5. Kangaroo Care’s SIL Homes

Kangaroo Care has a range of shared independent living arrangements across Australia. Ideal for people with disabilities, these SIL Homes cater to individual support needs suitable for various disabilities. Residents get the opportunity to live with people they choose, meet their social needs and maximize their independence while getting the supports they need to realize their potential.

At Kangaroo Care SIL Homes we provide trained and high-quality staff support in a safe and happy home environment. A variety of vocational, educational, and recreational activities are available for the residents’ benefit, and they can choose to engage in social activities with their housemates and friends in the community.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a beacon of hope and opportunity for individuals with disabilities, offering them the chance to live their lives on their own terms and pursue their dreams with confidence and dignity. By understanding the intricacies of SIL and navigating the process effectively, participants can unlock a world of possibilities and embrace a future filled with promise and potential. 

For those seeking the best in Supported Independent Living services, look no further than Kangaroo Care. We are committed to excellence and have a passion for empowering individuals with disabilities. Kangaroo Care is a leading SIL and NDIS provider. We are dedicated to supporting participants on their journey towards greater independence and inclusion. Trust Kangaroo Care to discover how we can assist you or your loved one in achieving your goals and aspirations in Supported Independent Living.

Contact Kangaroo Care for more information on our NDIS services and clinical support. Call 07 3435 1548 or write to

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